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The Disappearance of Christina Lee Powell

The death of Texas mother Christina Lee Powell was declared accidental. When a Texas mother’s decomposing body was discovered in a shopping center parking lot earlier this summer, police determined that her death was unintentional and closed the case.

According to a representative for the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office, Christina Lee Powell, 39, who triggered a manhunt after going missing in San Antonio in July, died of hyperthermia with alcohol-related complications.

Powell was discovered dead in her black 2020 Nissan Rogue at Huebner Oaks Center in San Antonio on July 23, almost three weeks after a family member reported her missing. This led to the strange conclusion of the case.

A security guard found her SUV in the mall, barely four miles from her Red Hill Place house, where it had been parked in the same place for approximately a week. Powell’s body appeared to have suffered no obvious harm at the time, and San Antonio Police confirmed Thursday that the investigation was over. Christina Powell passed away from complications brought on by alcohol-related hyperthermia.

On July 23, Powell’s body was discovered in her car in San Antonio.

Early this summer, the death of the Texas mother spurred a manhunt. A department official stated, “We did not uncover any evidence leading to a criminal inquiry.” Powell, a mother of two boys, aged 3 and 12, was last shown on video racing to work on July 5 by a doorbell camera.

After smelling a “foul odor” coming from the car, the security guard found her body, according to authorities.

Unfortunately, questions remain. Why was she in a rush to leave her house in the morning, which was caught on a house video camera? Why did she leave her phone? Something is amiss in my opinion.


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