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Bigfoot Sightings

  1. Eric Shipton’s Snowy Footprint (1951): During an expedition through the Himalayas, British explorer Eric Earle Shipton photographed a distinct footprint. He attributed this to the legendary Yeti, often referred to as the ‘Abominable Snowman’ of the region. The footprint photo became so iconic that it was auctioned off in 2014 for a significant amount​.
  2. 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film (1967): Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, in Northern California, recorded what remains one of the most debated pieces of Bigfoot evidence. The film showcases a creature walking through a forested area. Its unique gait and characteristics have been the subject of numerous studies and discussions​.
  3. Johnstown’s Smelly Bigfoot (1980): Residents of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, found themselves at the center of a Bigfoot mystery when a notably large 17.75-inch footprint appeared near a home. Concurrently, locals reported hearing unfamiliar noises and encountering a peculiar scent​.
  4. Washington’s Blue Mountain Bigfoot (1994): Paul Freeman, a former U.S. Forest patrolman, captured a shaky and grainy video in Washington’s Blue Mountains. He claimed it showed a family of Bigfoot creatures. The footage has been a topic of interest and analysis among Bigfoot enthusiasts​.
  5. Allegheny Bigfoot (2007): In Pennsylvania, hunter Rick Jacobs used a tree-mounted camera in the Allegheny National Forest to capture what some believe are some of the clearest images of Bigfoot. The photos spurred debates on the creature’s true nature, with some suggesting it might be a bear suffering from mange​.
  6. “Independence Day” Bigfoot: This video stands out for its clarity, portraying an alleged Bigfoot accompanied by a cub walking through a forest. However, the origins and authenticity of the video remain subjects of debate​.
  7. Provo Canyon Bigfoot (2012): While hiking in Provo Canyon, a group of siblings believed they had spotted a bear. To their astonishment, the creature stood upright on two legs. The startling encounter led them to initiate a Kickstarter campaign to further investigate Bigfoot sightings in Utah​.
  8. Second Provo Bigfoot (2012): Another account from Provo Canyon involved a hiker who saw a large animal. Upon approaching, the creature stood up and began displaying aggressive behavior, including throwing rocks​.
  9. Mississippi Bigfoot (2013): Josh Highcliff, while hunting in Mississippi, captured footage of what he believed might be a Bigfoot. Disturbed by the sighting, he shared the video online, seeking answers or hoping for someone to confess to a prank​.
  10. Marble Mountain Bigfoot: In California’s Marble Mountain Wilderness, youth group leader Jim Mills filmed a strange creature for nearly seven minutes, marking one of the lengthiest potential Bigfoot recordings​.
  11. Colorado Bigfoot (2023) – On Sunday, October 8, 2023, Stetson Tyler and the storyteller took the Narrow Gauge train ride from Durango to Silverton. After leaving Silverton and on their way back to Durango, the storyteller asked Stetson to help them spot elk in the mountains. As they were passing by the mountains, Stetson noticed something moving and exclaimed, “I think it’s Bigfoot!” Brandon, who was seated next to Stetson, quickly grabbed his phone and began recording. Meanwhile, the storyteller was attempting to snap a photo with their camera. Below, you’ll see the video captured by Brandon @bt92.travels and the photos the storyteller took. Interestingly, out of the hundreds on the train, only a handful, including Stetson and the storyteller, spotted what they believed to be the legendary creature, Bigfoot. Do you all believe their tale?

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